Sometimes it can be hard selecting the right product for the job.

We frequently get asked the same questions here at the Insulation Shop. To make it easier we've list some common questions here in case you are wondering the same thing! If your enquiry isn't listed you can contact us here.

What can I use to insulate external/outdoor pipework?

External insulation is not as simple as it sounds!

In a domestic setting, the use of Kflex is very common as it’s a quick and cheap method of protection from cold weather. Although this product is fine exposed to damp conditions, it can break down under UV light and appear to develop a crust on the surface. This is widely accepted and when it gets worse the degraded section is replaced. This can be prevented with the use of Flex paint although it is not the easiest to apply to ensure full coverage for example against walls, etc…

In an industrial setting, the use of Rockwool or Kingspan section covered with an appropriate weather seal is the preferred solution. Traditional PIB sheeting is still widely used but it is difficult to weld the product together using white spirit, can be problematic, time-consuming and prone to falling off within a relatively short time frame. A modern alternative to PIB is KlasseClad, a self-adhesive multi-ply foil covering which can be cut and applied to insulation on site giving a good weather seal. If using KlasseClad on external ductwork we would always recommend fitting a thin flat aluminium sheet on all top surfaces to prevent bird attack damage. The ultimate finish for external insulation is stucco aluminium cladding, once fitted correctly it will give years of full-weather protection.

Which insulation can I bury?

You should seek advice from the manufacturers of pre-insulated pipework specifically designed for this application.

We do not recommend that any of the insulation we stock is buried. All types of insulation WILL absorb a certain amount of water and WILL crush under any weight applied to it such as soil or in-fill.

Kflex is the only product we stock that can withstand water ingress. However, water can still enter through joints between the product so we cannot recommend burying it.

We do not recommend that any of our products are buried and cannot be held responsible for any damage caused in doing so.